The Iron Wood Thrower Development Camp offers 'world-class'
instruction in the four throwing events of Track and Field: Discus,
Hammer, Javelin, and Shot Put.
IWT Staff Coaches & Counselors

First of all we would like to thank every coach and counselor over the years!  You have helped so many athletes achieve their dreams! Without you, Iron Wood would have never become the best throwers camp in the world....! Thanks again and looking forward to another great year.

Are you qualified to be an Iron Wood Counselor or Coach?

What is a Counselor?

Counselors are an integral part of Iron Wood. Over the years counselors have not only been helpful in the inner workings of camp, but they are also role models for the athletes.  Counselors understand the overnight experience and all that Iron Wood Camp has to offer the campers. Their role at camp is to provide assistance to all coaches and staff during training sessions and daily activities. Counselors are also expected to act in a professional manner at all times. To see if you are qualified to be a counselor, please review the requirements below.

CIT (Counselor In Training)

-Minimum of 2 years experience as a camper at Iron Wood
-Entering you Junior year in college


-1 year previous experience as a CIT
You have graduated from college or are 23+ years of age


To become an Iron Wood Coach, you must first be a Counselor for 1 year
Have been a part of Iron Wood for 3+ years 

If you are qualified to be a CIT, COUNSELOR OR COACH please complete the registration form and we will get back to you about whether you have been accepted.

--Jill Camarena, USA Olympian 2008, 2012
"Iron Wood Thrower’s Camp has changed my life. I first went to Iron Wood as a 9th grader who was a softball player at heart. My experience at Iron Wood with both the staff and the other athletes was unlike any other sport. Because of the passion and desire I saw in those around me, Iron Wood helped me not only enjoy throwing more, but helped me fall in love with the sport of track and field. The friends and coaches I have met at the camp have continued from the time I was a young camper, through high school, college and even now as I return as a counselor and coach. Iron Wood is not only the best camp available for throwers, it is the best camp overall that I have been to because of the love and hard work of those who put it on. Thank you Iron Wood!!"
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