The Iron Wood Thrower Development Camp offers 'world-class'
instruction in the four throwing events of Track and Field: Discus,
Hammer, Javelin, and Shot Put.
Founded in 1989, The Iron Wood Thrower Development Camp offers “world-class” instruction in the four throwing events of Track and Field: Discus, Hammer, Javelin, and Shot Put.

Now in its 28th year, the Iron Wood Thrower Development Camp has established itself as the largest specialty track and field camp in the United States. As of 2016, nearly 5,000 athletes and coaches have attended Iron Wood! We’ve proudly hosted 31 Olympians and 7 former world record holders as well as several top-ranked collegiate, high school and club coaches on our instructional staff.

We're extremely proud of our former campers, as they have gone on to achieve high levels of success in state, regional, national and international competition. Provided below is a listing of our most distinguished alumni as well as our all-time best marks lists.

USA Olympians

    Ryan Crouser (2016)
    Joe Kovacs (2016) SILVER MEDALIST!!!
    Sam Crouser (2016)
    Conor McCullough (2016)
    Kelsey Card (2016)
    Aretha Hill (1996, 2004, 2008, 2012)
    Jarred Rome (2004, 2012)
    Jill Camarena (2008, 2012)
    Casey Malone (2004, 2008)
    Ian Waltz (2004, 2008)
    Ryan Whiting (2012)

USA World Championships Team Members

    Joe Kovacs (2015, 2017) GOLD MEDALIST 
    Ryan Whiting (2011, 2012i, 2013, 2014i, 2017) GOLD AND SILVER MEDALIST
    Sam Crouser (2015)
    Jordan Clarke (2015)
    Conor McCullough (2015)
    Aretha Hill (1999, 2003, 2005, 2011)
    Jarred Rome (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011)
    Ian Waltz (2005, 2007, 2009)
    Jill Camarena (2007, 2009, 2011)
    Casey Malone (2003, 2009)
    Sarah Stevens (2007, 2011)

    Zack Lloyd (2013)

NCAA National Champions

    Ryan Butler (1996)
    Corrisa Yasen (1996)
    Casey Malone (1998)
    Lucais McKay (2003)
    Niklas Arrhenius (2007)
    Jessica Pressley (2007, 2008)
    Sarah Stevens (2007, 2008)
    Ryan Whiting (2008, 2009, 2010)

    Jordan Clarke (2011, 2012, 2013)
    Ryan Crouser (2013, 2014, 2016)
    Sam Crouser (2014, 2015)
    Greg Skipper (2014)
    Connor McCullough (2015)

NCAA All-Americans
    Melisa Weis (Colorado)
    Charlie Cohen (Arizona State)
    Sam Crouser (Oregon)
    Ryan Crouser (Oregon)
    Ryan Butler (Wyoming)
    Aretha Hill (Washington)
    Justin Strand (Stanford)
    Casey Malone (Colorado State)
    Corissa Yasen (Purdue)
    Ben Lindsey (Washington)
    Ian Waltz (Washington State)
    Jarred Rome (Boise State)
    Karis Howell (Oregon)
    Mandy Borschowa (Washington State)
    Allison Beatty (Stanford)
    Maureen Griffin (Arizona/Idaho State)
    Mark Hoxmeier (Boise State)
    Mary Etter (Oregon)
    Derek Woodske (Wyoming)
    Angela Foster (Arizona)
    Andrea Batt (Wyoming)
    Simon Stewart (Idaho)
    David Wood (Arizona State)
    Jill Camarena (Stanford)
    Karen Freberg (Florida)
    Lucais McKay (Georgia)
    Abbey Elsberry (Boise State)
    Niklas Arrhenius (BYU)
    Adam Hamilton (Iowa)
    Colton Hodge (Auburn)
    Megan Spreisterbach (Washington)
    Jessica Pressley (Arizona State)
    Adam Midles (USC)
    Adam Kuehl (Arizona)
    Kamaiya Warren (UCLA)
    Sarah Stevens (Arizona State)
    Martin Bingisser (Washington)
    Jennifer Wynn (Florida)
    Britney Henry (Oregon)
    Matt Lamb (Washington State)
    Brittany Hinchliffe (Oregon)
    Della Clark (Clemson)
    Matthew Wauters (Idaho)
    Ashley Muffet (Kentucky)
    Ryan Whiting (Arizona State)
    Tai Battle (Arizona State)
    Nate Rolfe (Georgia)
    Kimery Hern (Georgia Tech)
    Zach Lloyd (Arizona)
    Stephanie Horton (Kansas)
    Preston Chatham (LSU)
    Colin Veldman (Oregon)
    Ana Jelmini, (Arizona State)
    Jordan Clark (Arizona State)
    Baillie Gibson (Univ. of Arizona)
    Geoff Tabor (Stanford)
    Leif Arrhenius (BYU)

T & F News High School All-Americans
    1994: Aretha Hill (WA).
    1995: Maureen Griffin (ID), Ian Waltz (ID).
    1996: John Badovinac (CA), Maureen Griffin (ID).
    1997: John Badovinac (CA), Maureen Griffin (ID), Mark Hoxmeier (OR),
              Rian Ingrim (OR),
    1998: Mandy Borschowa (WA), Maureen Griffin (ID), Lucais MacKay (CA),
              Russ Milam (MT).
    1999: Jill Camarena (CA), Leslie Erickson (WA), Mary Etter (WA).
    2000: Niklas Arrhenius (UT), Jill Camarena (CA).
    2001: Nikalas Arrenhius (UT), Adam Midles (WA), Jeremy Silverman (PA).
    2002: Kelli Burton (UT), Adam Hamilton (NH), Adam Kuehl (NJ), Adam Midles (WA),                 Kamaiya Warren (CA).
    2003: Leif Arrhenius (UT), Nate Rolfe (WA), Sarah Stevens (CO),
              Jessica Pressley (CA).
    2004: Leif Arrhenius (UT), Amy Bilmanis (MD), Preston Chatham (LA),
              Nate Rolfe (WA), Sarah Stevens (CO), Matthew Wauters (WA).
    2005: Preston Chatham (LA), Stephanie Horton (OR), Ryan Whiting (PA),
              Kim Williams (GA).
    2006: Emily Barnhardt (GA), Preston Chatham (LA), Eric Flores (SD),
              Korion Morris (WA).
    2007: Luke Bryant (KS), Conor McCullough (CA).
    2008: Jordan Clarke (AK), Conor McCullough (CA).
    2009: Sam Crouser (OR), Connor McCullough (CA), Cameron Tabor (OK).
              Ana Jelmini (CA).
    2010: Baillie Gibson (WY), Sam Crouser (OR), Derek Eager (WA).
    2011: Ryan Crouser (OR), Greg Skipper (OR).

    2015: Tripp Piperi (IL)
    2016: Tripp Piperi (IL)
    2016: Elena Bruckner (CA)
Iron Wood Throws Camp - All-Time Alumni Bests:
*denotes all-time top-10 HS ranking
**denotes National HS Record

Boy’s Discus

    **Ryan Crouser (OR) 237-5 (11)
    **Nik Arrhenius (UT) 234-3 (01)
    *Paul Northway (UT) 214-9 (96)
    Geoffrey Tabor (OK) 210-8 (08)
    Cameron Tabor (OK) 210-0 (09)
    Leif Arrhenius (UT) 209-6 (03)
    Adam Kuehl (NJ) 209-0 (02)
    Dan Block (IL) 208-11 (09)

Boy’s Hammer

    **Conor McCullough (CA) 260-0 (08)
    *Adam Middles (WA) 242-1 (02)
    *Nate Rolfe (WA) 237-1 (04)
    Greg Skipper (OR) 229-5 (11)
    Brad Charters (WA) 222-0 (05)
    John Badovinac (CA) 220-3 (97)
    Lucais MacKay (CA) 219-10 (99)
    Leif Arrhenius (UT) 216-4 (04)

Boy’s Javelin

    **Sam Crouser (OR) 255-4 (10)
    Derek Eager (WA) 230-5 (10)
    Russ Milam (MT) 222-2 (98)
    Kevin Davis (OR) 218-11 (97)
    Jarrod Gibbons (WA) 218-6 (99)
    Preston Chatham (LA) 217-5 (05)
    Ryan Eddington (WA) 217-2 (93)
    Austin Landis (MT) 213-5 (10)

Boy’s Shot Put

    **Ryan Crouser (OR) 77-2.75 indoor (11)
    Tripp Piperi (IL) 72-2.75 (15)
    Jordan Clarke (AK) 71-3 (08)
    Ryan Whiting (PA) 70-0 (05)
    Eric Flores (SD) 67-4.50 (06)
    Leif Arrhenius (UT) 66-6.50 (04)
    Daniel Guiliani (ME) 66-5 (15)
    Dan Block (IL) 66-3 (09)
    Ryan Ingrim (OR) 66-0 (97)
    Matt Wauters (WA) 65-11 (04)

Boy’s Weight

    **Leif Arrhenius (UT) 82-10 (04)
    *Eric Flores (SD) 75-11 (06)
    *Lucais MacKay (CA) 75-1.25 (99)
    *Adam Hamilton (NH) 74-11 (02)
    Nate Rolfe (WA) 74-9.75 (04)
    Nik Arrhenius (UT) 71-8 (01)
    Zack Helm (GA) 69-1.50 (02)
    Charles Rohling (GA) 67-4 (05)
Girl’s Discus

    **Anna Jelmini (CA) 190-3 (09)
    Elena Bruckner (CA) 182-6 (15)
    *Mandy Borschowa (WA) 182-0 (98)
    Sarah Stevens (CO) 171-9 (04)
    Baillie Gibson (WY) 171-4 (10)
    Mary Etter (WA) 168-6 (99)
    Kelsey Card (IL) 167-4 (10)
    Alex Morgan (CA) 166-8 (10)
    Aretha Hill (WA) 165-9 (94)

Girl’s Hammer

    **Maureen Griffin (ID) 201-7 (98)
    *Emily Bernhardt (GA) 180-9 (06)
    *Marie Stringer (GA) 179-6 (03)
    *Jennifer Wynn (GA) 178-11 (02)
    Kim Williams (GA) 173-0 (05)
    Britney Henry (WA) 166-10 (02)
    Brittany Hinchcliffe (WA) 166-9 (01)
    Kimery Hern (WA) 165-2 (05)

Girl’s Javelin

    *Leslie Erickson (WA) 170-6 (99)
    Andrea Batt (MT) 150-7 (00)
    Megan Spriesterbach (WA) 148-6 (98)
    Cathy Schmidt (WA) 150-2 (01)
    Karis Howell (OR) 146-3 (96)
    Tasha Cooper (MT) 143-4 (94)
    Trina Gumm (WA) 143-2 (94)
    Natalie Kinnion (WA) 140-4 (99)

Girl’s Shot Put

    *Anna Jelmini (CA) 54-4.75 (09)
    Elena Bruckner (CA) 53-3 (15)
    *Stephanie Horton (OR) 52-7 (05)
    Kelli Burton (UT) 51-6 (02)
    Jessica Pressley (CA) 51-5 (03)
    Jill Camarena (CA) 50-11.25 (99)
    Sarah Stevens (CO) 50-4.50 (04)
    Kelsey Card (IL) 49-11.50 (11)
    Hollie Tyler (ID) 49-5.25 (01)
    Alyssa Hasslen (OR) 49-5 (09)

Girl’s Weight

    *Maureen Griffin (ID) 60-10.50 (97)
    *Jennifer Wynn (GA) 58-4 (02)
    *Emily Bernhardt (GA) 57-8.50 (06)
    *Della Clark (GA) 57-7.75 (03)
    Kim Williams (GA) 56-1.75 (05)
    Marie Stringer (GA) 55-8.50 (03)
    Jessica Pluth (WA) 54-1 (00)
    Emily Sanders (GA) 53-3.50 (05)
--Casey Malone, 6th place at the 2004 Olympics
"Iron Wood was my introduction to what elite level throwing was all about. Until attending Iron Wood, I thought throwing was a fun challenge that could occupy my time in between basketball and football seasons. The camp planted the seed of an Olympic dream in me and encouraged me to have an identity shift from a basketball player throwing for fun to a discus thrower playing basketball for fun. It was truly a life changing moment for me when Mac Wilkins arrived at the camp and passed around his gold medal. Holding that medal had a tremendous effect on me. This was truly the first time I had met people who had dedicated their life and passion to the sport of throwing. I was fortunate to be steered in the right direction very early in my throwing career by the outstanding coaches and Olympians at Iron Wood. Bud and Bart are two of the most genuine coaches and people that I know. Their total agenda is to assist young throwers, and they have developed an environment at Iron Wood that is second to none and improving every year. I thank them for creating a phenomenal experience for me and thousands of young throwers. When asked if I know of a good throwing camp, I always start to answer "Iron Wood" before the question is finished".
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