The Iron Wood Thrower Development Camp offers 'world-class'
instruction in the four throwing events of Track and Field: Discus,
Hammer, Javelin, and Shot Put.
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    $695 Resident Rate (includes room, meals, camp T-shirt and instructional notebook)

    $450 Commuter Rate (includes camp T-shirt and instructional notebook;
                                         room and meals NOT included)

    $250 Observing Coaches (includes
camp T-shirt and instructional notebook; room
                                                    and meals NOT included)

    $365 Observing Coaches (includes meals,
camp T-shirt and instructional notebook;
                                                room NOT included)

***These rates are non-negotiable.

Iron Wood Scholarships

Iron Wood Camp is the only camp in the country that offers financial support to attend!  A small number of need-based scholarships to help pay for the camp fees are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact Bart Templeman at or use the "Contact Iron Wood" tab at the top form for more information.

Payment Procedure

You must pay the full amount of the camp cost or pay the $330 deposit within 48 hours of your online "REGISTRATION FORM" in order for your spot to be reserved!!!!  Simply register and then Click on "PAYMENT" and then pay the $330 deposit or pay in full. You must complete both forms and make FULL payment by June 24th to be given a place within the camp. Those applying after this date will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until we reach our camp enrollment limit.  
You will receive a confirmation email after each form is submitted.  Upon receipt of your "REGISTRATION FORM" & "PAYMENT" confirmation emails, you will then be confirmed for the camp. Your confirmation email for your payment will be from pay pal.
Iron Wood Throws Camp  REGISTRATION FORM
Iron Wood Throws Camp  PAYMENT

Resident campers and coaches will be staying in the North Idaho College dorms. There are two to three twin beds in each room and potentially one in the living room and unlike last year EVERYONE WILL BE GETTING A MATTRESS BED!! Please remember that bedding, pillows, towels, soap, and toiletries are not provided at camp so please don't forget to bring your own. Sleeping bags are the best solution for bedding!  If you are curious about what we recommend you bring, please look at the "WHAT TO BRING" link.

Travel Arrangements

If you are driving plan to arrive on July 9th anytime between noon and 3:30pm. If you are flying plan to arrive on July 9th, preferably in the morning or early afternoon as check in ends at 4pm.
The shuttle from the airport will run from 9am to 2pm on July 9th and 4am to 2pm on July 14th. We will have representatives at baggage claim on the 9th with signs to pick you up and put you on the shuttle. We only have dorm access from check in on July 9th through check out on the 14th.  When you depart on the 14th, make sure and take into account that we have an optional throwing session the morning of the 14th. If you need transportation to and from the Spokane airport make sure and email us your itinerary at or we will not pick you up.  Make sure if you are using the shuttle service that you pay the $40 fee online by clicking on "PAYMENT".
***We will not provide transportation to and from any airport or bus station other than Spokane International Airport or Greyhound Terminal located in Spokane. IF THE AIRLINE REQUIRES A FLIGHT CHAPERONE FOR A CHILD UNDER THEIR AGE LIMITATION IRON WOOD IS NOT RESPONSIBLE TO PROVIDE A CHAPERONE. Please contact your airline to find out their requirements.

Who can attend Iron Wood Camp?

Any athlete or coach from 14 to 100 years of age who is interested in throwing can attend the camp.  If you are under 14 years of age a parent/guardian or coach must accompany the athlete.

Insurance Policy

Each camper is responsible for his or her own insurance. The parent/guardian’s personal or injury insurance policy will be utilized as the primary insurance for the treatment of injuries and hospitalization for illness or injuries incurred during camp. Proof of insurance and insurance policy number must be submitted on the Registration Form.

Discipline Policy

Campers will be required to attend all activities and comply with all camp RULES AND REGULATIONS. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and or dismissal from camp. Residential campers will be held responsible for any vandalism or damage done in the residence halls.

Lost Key Policy

All room and building keys MUST be turned in at the end of camp.  Missing/lost room key fees are $100!  You WILL be billed if a key is not turned in when you check-out of camp!!!

Refund Policy

Camp fees are refundable less a $100 handling fee if written cancellation is received and approved by camp staff before June 24th. After June 24th camp fees can be refunded less a $330 dollar fee which is your deposit.  Absolutely no refunds will be issued upon expulsion or voluntary withdrawal from camp. Should a camper leave camp due to injury or illness, the camp fee is nonrefundable.

--Larry Johnson, former Skyline and Idaho Falls High School throws coach, member of IWT coaching staff for 20 years
"Since Iron Wood Thrower’s Camp was started with 16-18 high school throwers, many of the participants from the state of Idaho have gone on to win or place in the State championships in both men and women’s shot and discus in all five of the state classes. In addition, both the men and women’s overall state records in the shot put and discus are held by Iron Wood throwers. The camp participants also incude many throwers from all over the United States who have gone on to become successful junior college, college, and Olympic competitors. As a coach of athletes who have attended IWT over the years and who have accumulated 33 medals in men and women’s shot and discus competitions in the Idaho State championships, I highly recommend the Iron Wood Throwing Camp for both beginning and advanced throwers."
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