The Iron Wood Thrower Development Camp offers 'world-class'
instruction in the four throwing events of Track and Field: Discus,
Hammer, Javelin, and Shot Put.
All campers will check in on July 9 from Noon - 4pm at the North Idaho College campus. You do not need to be there exactly at noon you can come at 3pm as it will only take 1 hour.
Camp ends at noon on July 14 but keep in mind you can leave the morning of the 14th if needed as that morning session is optional.  Reminder:  We will not provide accommodation or transportation prior to July 9th or after July 14th!!!!
Transportation from the Spokane International Airport or Greyhound terminal can be arranged through the camp office for a round-trip fee of $40. If you need transportation to and from the airport make sure and email us your itinerary at or we will not pick you up.  The shuttle will run from 9am to 2pm on July 9th and 4am to 2pm on July 14th. We will have representatives at baggage claim on the 9th with signs to pick you up and put you on the shuttle. Make sure if you are using the shuttle service that you pay the $40 fee online and that you send the camp email, your itinerary so we know we have to pick you up. All campers who drive to the camp on their own will be required to turn in their car keys for the duration of the camp. All local campers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the camp. IF THE AIRLINE REQUIRES A FLIGHT CHAPERONE FOR A CHILD UNDER THEIR AGE LIMITATION IRON WOOD IS NOT RESPONSIBLE TO PROVIDE A CHAPERONE. Please contact your airline to find out their requirements.

Click here to pay the Transportation Fee

*We will not provide transportation to and from any airport or bus station other than Spokane International Airport or Greyhound Terminal located in Spokane.

--Casey Malone, 6th place at the 2004 Olympics
"Iron Wood was my introduction to what elite level throwing was all about. Until attending Iron Wood, I thought throwing was a fun challenge that could occupy my time in between basketball and football seasons. The camp planted the seed of an Olympic dream in me and encouraged me to have an identity shift from a basketball player throwing for fun to a discus thrower playing basketball for fun. It was truly a life changing moment for me when Mac Wilkins arrived at the camp and passed around his gold medal. Holding that medal had a tremendous effect on me. This was truly the first time I had met people who had dedicated their life and passion to the sport of throwing. I was fortunate to be steered in the right direction very early in my throwing career by the outstanding coaches and Olympians at Iron Wood. Bud and Bart are two of the most genuine coaches and people that I know. Their total agenda is to assist young throwers, and they have developed an environment at Iron Wood that is second to none and improving every year. I thank them for creating a phenomenal experience for me and thousands of young throwers. When asked if I know of a good throwing camp, I always start to answer "Iron Wood" before the question is finished".
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